Tiffany Marie. 19. Just another one of those crazy college kids. A girl named Mary Jane is my true love. & Karma is my main bitch. <3 I always try my best to be a good person but we all make our mistakes. Currently working on living as wild and free as I possibly can while letting go of the ties of those that do not allow that to happen, guilt free. I worry about making others happy too often and will one day learn to only make me Happy. On this crazy journey called life, livin and lovin but through the highs and the lows, im constantly seeking my high <3


Pride 2012 XD lovin life &lt;3 #equality #nolabel #justlove #be #you! :) (Taken with Instagram)

Pride 2012 XD lovin life <3 #equality #nolabel #justlove #be #you! :) (Taken with Instagram)

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